Rita and her two children came to the United States as Iraqi refugees. Rita fled the unrest of Iraq and ended up in the turmoil and challenge of a refugee camp in Syria. To make a long story short, through a refugee program of the United Nations, she ended up in Sacramento seven years ago. Through another series of circumstances, she ended up coming to a retreat with her church at Zephyr Point several years ago. She fell in love with Zephyr Point because it seemed to her that God was really speaking to her here. She and her kids rented a cabin two summers ago which brought in contact with Celtic Cross Presbyterian Church’s family camp being held here at the same time. She made a deep connection with them and now attends there regularly discovering all the more the fullness of Christ and how His hand has been upon her through the years.

Here’s how Rita describes it: “It’s not about the trees, the lake, or the beautiful views. Zephyr Point is like the open hands of God.”

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