Thank you for considering what role you might have in helping Zephyr Point be that place where the fabric is thin between heaven and earth for both kids and adults. We would be honored by your involvement.

In order to sustain and grow the ministry of Zephyr Point, financial resources are needed. Generous donors through the years have given to the following:

  • Building renovation and improvement
  • Maintenance and equipment
  • Scholarships for day camp and other adult programs
  • Annual fund which covers our most needed expenses
  • Debt reduction

If you would like to make a donation to one or more of these categories, please click here to Donate. We are humbled knowing that your donation is a step of faith in trusting that Zephyr Point will be faithful with your gift. Be assured we take that trust very seriously.

If you would like to make a gift-in-kind donation (material goods, vehicles, stocks, equipment, property, or other supplies), please contact our Development department at

It has never been easier to support the ministry at Zephyr Point. Our Amazon Wishlist is filled with items we use consistently. The list is organized into different categories, allowing you to support the part of the ministry you are most passionate about. How easy is it?

Step 1: Click on the Amazon logo, or any list below, to view our wishlists.

Step 2: Select the items you’d like to donate and click ‘Add to Cart.’

Step 3: Click ‘Checkout.’ Zephyr Point is already designated as the delivery address for your convenience.

Step 4: Place your order! Keep your order confirmation for your records. Our Non-Profit Tax ID is 94-1160941

Step 5: Call or email Zephyr Point’s Development Department to let them know what you donated, so we can properly thank you! 775-588-6759 ext 107 or


Basic Wish List– This is where you’ll find items that we would love to have, but aren’t able to splurge on just yet! Here you’ll find pieces of equipment that will support the staff or guests in various ways.

Site Support– These are items that make our site and facility hospitable for all our guests. These items are used for cleaning or replacing consumable items like lightbulbs or trash bags.

Program Support– These items help campers have a fantastic summer camp experience. With all the fun we’re having at camp, items can get broken or lost. For some families, purchasing items specifically for a childs’ camp week is not feasible. No matter the reason, we know children have a better experience when they have the items they need. At camp, we have a TON of games and activities. We use them every day during the summer (and during special events the rest of the year!) With use eventually, all things break. This list helps us replenish our program equipment, so we can focus our funds on other things like scholarships.

Thank You for your support!