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Join us for KIN·DOM CAMP at Zephyr Point June 23rd – 28th, 2024!

Zephyr Point is seeking to recruit up to 20 adult volunteers to join us for camp. kin·dom camp volunteers are an absolutely vital part of the camp experience. Without the talents and skills brought by members of our amazing team, camp would simply not be possible. Our volunteer staff are the “faces’” of camp, as the ones who bring the energy, excitement, and radical inclusivity to campers. If you are passionate about supporting LGBTQIA+ youth, camp may be just the place for you!

What makes the kin·dom camp staff so unique?

We believe that representation matters
  • While all individuals are welcome to apply for staff, it is important that our staff represent the campers we serve.
  • We work to create a volunteer staff team that reflects possibility and hope to our campers by providing real-life examples of what it is to be an LBGTQIA+ adult in the world 
Our staff is multi-generational and comes from all walks of life.
  • You’re never too old for camp! As long as you are 20 or older, you are eligible to apply for camp. Never been to camp before? No problem! Staff goes through in-depth training to prepare them for camp life. 
No matter your gifts, skills, or passions, we have a role for you!
  • To provide the best possible experience to campers, we have a wide variety of volunteer positions, including in-cabin camp counselors, support staff, nurses, licensed mental health professionals, and accredited/licensed behavioral specialists

Available Positions:

  1. Workshop/Session Leaders: Offer general support by leading 45-minute topical sessions available for campers during free time on things they are passionate about (some of last year’s sessions included “Ask a Trans Man…” and “Intro to Queer Theology” among others).
  2. Behind the Scenes Leaders: Assisting with general operations that are essential to camp running smoothly – set up, tear-down, welcoming and supporting guests that come in during camp, offering relief during counselor’s breaks, etc.
  3. Health and Wellbeing Support: We are looking for at least 2 nurses and 1 Licensed Mental Health Professional to offer support at camp. We also recruit 2 volunteers to monitor our Behavioral Interventionist/Sensory Room.
  4. Counselors:  Counselors tend to the needs of campers throughout the day while leading (and participating in) activities. In-Cabin Counselors should be comfortable working with adolescents and have a genuine desire to make meaningful connections and serve as a role model to all kin·dom campers. (Priority for counselors goes to volunteers who have recent camp counselor experience at Zephyr Point or another camp) 
  5. Other Leaders: Have a specific skill, talent, or trade that you want to offer to kin·dom camp? Let us know! We are excited to incorporate your unique gifts into the camp experience. 

Time Commitment:

As a kin·dom camp volunteer, you are agreeing to volunteer your time in the service of LGBTQIA+ youth. The following outlines the total time commitment required of kin·dom volunteers. We appreciate your cooperation as we do all that we can to ensure the safety of all of our campers!

    1. 30-minute interview
      • After submitting your volunteer application, Zephyr Point staff will reach out to schedule a 30 minute interview. This interview is designed to be mutually beneficial – it allows us to get to know you so we can assign you to a volunteer role that best suits you, and provides the opportunity for you to ask your questions about camp. Interviews are schedule via Calendly.
    2. Complete volunteer onboarding paperwork
      • Packet includes collection of basic biographical information, approval of Zephyr Point camp policies, submission of licensure (if applicable), and consent to conduct a criminal background check. *For the safety of our campers, all Zephyr Point staff and kin·dom volunteers are required to pass a criminal background check prior to approval to work at camp.*
    3. 60-minute Zoom pre-training session
      • All volunteers are required to attend one volunteer pre-training session prior to camp. Sessions will be offered in May 2024. 
    4. Mandated Reporter Training (up to 2.5 hours)
      • All kin·dom volunteers are required to have completed Mandated Reporter Training for the State of Nevada with in the last two years. Training is free and can be accessed at your convenience at Prior to arrival at Zephyr Point, you must submit a certificate of completion. [California residents may request to complete CA Mandated Reporter Training].
    5. Pre-camp Training (June 21-23)
      • Volunteers are asked to attend a 2-day camp training opportunity prior to the start of camp. Volunteers are invited to check in beginning at 3pm on Friday June 21 with training beginning with dinner at 6pm. Attendance at training is mandatory. If you plan to miss any portion of this essential training, please let the Zephyr Point staff know during your interview.
    6. KIN·DOM CAMP! (June 23-28)
      • Camp begins at 3pm on Sunday June 23 and will conclude on the morning of Friday June 28. Some positions will be required to be in attendance for the entirety of camp, while others will allow volunteers to be present for a portion of camp. Please let us know of your availability during the interview process so that we can assign you to a position that best serves your schedule!

Room/Board and Compensation:

As a kin·dom volunteer, your entire stay at Zephyr Point will be covered (this includes lodging, meals, and activity fees). In addition to accommodations for the week, volunteers are also eligible for a $500 stipend to help offset the cost of lost work during camp. You will have the option to indicate whether you would like to receive a stipend or would like to donate it to offset the cost of camp.

Are you ready to apply? Click here to register as a volunteer and submit your application.


The word “kin•dom” offers a new way of imagining the full inclusion and belonging of all people. It is a word that offers an alternative to “kingdom” and allows a more expansive view of how we are all connected. It moves beyond dynamics of power and oppression, and invites us all to see the ways we are interconnected and made better together. The word was originally brought forth by theologian Ada Maria Isasi Diaz, who used the word to speak about the liberation that God hoped for all people. This camp is a direct part of kin-dom community, and there is no greater vision we can imagine for LBGTQIA+ youth than for them to know that they belong, that they are loved, and that they are free and safe to be their whole selves.

Volunteers are able to participate in kin·dom camp free of charge. All lodging and meals are covered by Zephyr Point, and volunteers are eligible to receive a stipend of $500 to help compensate for lost work during the week of camp. 

As a matter of youth safety, training is required for all volunteers. The in-person training (June 21-23) is mandatory for all volunteers. We will do our best to offer multiple sessions of the online Zoom training, and will provide a recording of the session upon request. Please communicate with us as soon as possible if you anticipate that you are unavailable for a scheduled training.

Your housing will vary depending on your role at camp. If you are an in-cabin counselor, you will be spending your nights in Hubbard Lodge alongside campers. Other volunteers will be assigned lodging in either Tahoe Center (hotel-style) or an on-site cabin. If you have any mobility concerns that may affect your ability access certain housing types, please let us know when you submit your application. 

Meals are offered in our dining hall throughout the week. Zephyr Point can accommodate any combination of Vegetarian, Vegan, Non-dairy, and Non-gluten* diets. We are not able to make special accommodations for food allergies but invite you to ask food service staff for meal ingredients! Zephyr Point has an excellent salad bar available for all lunches and dinners as an alternative to the regularly scheduled meal.

* Zephyr Point does not have a celiac certified kitchen.

Yes, Zephyr Point has high-speed internet access available across the property.

The closest airport to Zephyr Point is Reno-Tahoe International Airport (RNO). We strongly recommend booking flights that arrive prior to 3pm on Friday June 21st and depart after 11am on Friday June 28th. The easiest way to get to Zephyr Point from RNO is to rent a car. However, if you prefer to shuttle, we recommend booking with the South Tahoe Airporter ( Please book your shuttle to the Hard Rock Café/Nugget Casino on your incoming journey, and Bally’s upon departure. With advance notice, Zephyr Point staff can arrange transportation to/from the local hotel stop. Please note: Availability on the South Tahoe Airporter is limited. Please book early!

PCUSA RAINBOW – Geneva Presbyterian ChurchAt Zephyr Point Youth Camps, we aspire to create a sacred space where all campers can learn, grow, and thrive in a safe and inclusive environment. We welcome and celebrate the diverse identities and experiences of young people and strive to facilitate an equitable camp experience for youth of all gender identities or expressions, races, ethnicities, sexual orientations, religious or non-religious backgrounds, abilities or disabilities, and family compositions.

kin•dom community is a queer-led spiritual community. Inspired by the concept first named by theologian Ada Maria Isasi-Diaz, “kin•dom” is the full inclusion and relationship of all of God’s people. kin·dom community’s mission is to be an intentional, brave space for all people to explore and cultivate spirituality. The vision of kin·dom is to be an example of what is possible when all people are seen, heard, and nurtured; when all people bring their whole selves; when all questions are celebrated as much as answers; and when inclusion, integration, and love are the norm. Follow this link to learn more about kin·dom community: